January 2016 Councillors Shoppers Surgery

January-2016-Councillors-Shoppers-SurgeryJanuary 2016 Councillors Shoppers Surgery : This coming, Saturday (30th January) will see the first of this year’s Glossopdale Labour Councillors Shopper’s Surgery.

The Shopper's Surgery will take place from 10am until 11.30am in the 'open air(ish)' central Glossop location of the Glossop Market Arcade.

Available at the shopper’s surgery will be High Peak Borough Councillors Damien Greenhalgh and Godfrey Claff who represent Howard Town, Nick Longos from Padfield, Bob Mckeown from Hadfield South, Graham Oakley from Whitfield and Anthony Mckeown from Gamesley, and with his other ‘hat’ on Glossop and Charlesworth County Councillor Damien Greenhalgh.

This month’s surgery has no particular set theme, and the councillor’s will be happy to answer any questions, comments and concerns that locals have, if you're not sure what issues councillors can help with, why not try my ‘local Councillors what can we do for you’ page by clicking here.

Our shopper’s surgery is held somewhere where you might be passing on a Saturday morning, and if you have a grumble, comments, questions or query, please let us know and where we can together we can fix those grumbles, if you can’t attend on Saturday, don’t forget Councillors aren’t just available at surgeries, and you can find other ways to get in touch with me by clicking here and you can see contact details for other Glossopdale Labour Councillors by visiting the website at www.glossopdale.labourhighpeak.info or alternatively for all other borough Councillors on the borough council’s website at http://www.highpeak.gov.uk/, or for county Councillors at http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk.