394 : Glossop to Stepping Hill – Good News – Bad News

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394 : Glossop to Stepping Hill - Good News - Bad News ; As previously advised with effect from Monday 16th November, High Peak Buses / Centrebus are making some further changes to the 394.

However thanks to the efforts of passengers (particularly Mary) who either got in touch with me, or directly with the company and relayed how this change would affect them, the company has now reconsidered the change and reinstated the first journey (06.40).

Although as you may have guessed from the post heading, unfortunately it's not all good news with the company maintaining their decision to move the 08.00 departure from Glossop to not leave Glossop until 08.38.

This means that if you want to get to Marple, or Stepping Hill (or points in-between) before 09.00 you're only choice (by bus) from next Monday (16th November) will be the 06.40 departure from Glossop.

The change to first journey from Glossop, also means that the only change proposed for the 16th on journeys back from Stepping Hill is also reversed with the 0730 bus now back to starting from Stepping Hill, as opposed to starting at High Lane at 0742.
You can view full details of the amended timetable by clicking below :
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Now I appreciate that this change will not be ideal for everyone, however the retention of the first journey from Glossop at least now means that there is an option available for folk to get to Marple and Stepping Hill direct from Glossop before 09.00, as opposed to the original change which would have meant the earliest you could arrive in Marple would be 09.10 and later than that at Stepping Hill.

As flagged previously for anyone who was using the service all the way to Stockport, you will need to change buses (and as at current) you may be quicker changing at Marple, but this does mean you will need to use other bus companies, and as such the SystemOne range of tickets may be better for you and you can get information on ticket options by clicking here.