2014 Tenants Garden Competition

is a local government district in the High Pea...If you’re green fingered, and a tenant or leaseholder of High Peak Borough Council, this is your chance to show off your gardening skills.

The garden competition is an annual competition, that is set-up and run by Tenants for Tenants.

Entrants must be a Tenant or a Leaseholder of High Peak Borough Council, and not be in breach of
their Tenancy agreement.

There are a number of different categories, and you can enter in more than one, these are :

  • The Best Garden (1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize)
  • Best Hanging Basket  (1st Prize)
  • Best Tub/Standing Display (1st Prize)
  • Best Vegetable Garden (1st Prize)
  • Best Sheltered Housing Block (1st Prize)

Details for entering should have been received with your rent statement or you can pick one up at any of the council’s reception offices or by clicking here.