Cardboard Recycling

Thank you to everyone who is still persevering with cardboard recycling despite the recent changes to the way it is collected.

The changes from cardboard going in the green bin to the blue bags is not one the council would have preferred but given the deadline from the County Council who deal with what is collected, it was the only available option, and it is not a permanent arrangement, it’s a step on the way to what we hope will become a better service which will in the future include collecting plastic bottles from your doorstep.

However to get to this change will take a little time.

In the meantime, as was experienced yesterday (Tuesday) there are some delays in collections, due as I understand mainly to capacity issues on some of the vehicles in use – essentially meaning they have to go and be emptied more often than previously.

If you’ve not got a blue bag, you can order one on the web at : or collect one from Glossop Municipal Buildings or the Gamesley High Peak Community Housing Office

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