Full Council – The rest

In addition to consideration of issues around the budget, the full council considered a number of other issues, starting off with two questions from members of the council one around concerns over lobbying by developers on planning applications, the other around New Mills Town Council.

Following on from that were four recommendations from the council’s audit and regulatory committee, one around changes to council’s committee structure which will reduce and refine the current number of select committee, a second on the council’s rules around the ‘regulation of investigatory powers act’ (essentially when and how the council can spy on you), the third on the council treasury management strategy and the first on the code of corporate governance review for 2010 / 11.

In addition to the budget report there was also a recommendation from the executive around updates to the housing allocation policy to bring it fully into line with current legislation.

Last up in the public businesses of the meeting were other motions, one from the Lib Dems over the sale of forests which was withdrawn and one welcoming the proposals of Bolsover and North East Derbyshire on setting up a strategic alliance, followed by a report around the forthcoming elections and the connection with voting referendum.

I say in the public business of the meeting, because there was one final confidential report around the current management restructure proposals, the details of which whilst highlighted as supported by the unions at the council still leave me with some concerns particularly around how some of the service responsibilities will be grouped together in the future.