Bus Watch

For the New Year, we have refreshed both the paper and on-line versions of the Bus Watch Form.
The reason for doing this is that’s it’s several years since they were first put together and it now more closely matches the complaints / comments form used by the GMPTE to whom some of the issues are reported.

The reason for starting Bus Watch in the first place is that whilst over time general grumbles about bus complaints can help to improve services, if we can present accurate detailed information of what services and when the problems are, it’s a lot easier to get some of the outside bodies and agencies that monitor public transport to take action than just off the general grumbles.

So if you use local bus services, please pick up a form from the GRA Office, download one from www.anthonymckeown.info/buswatch or complete it online and let us know when the buses don’t turn up, or it's late etc or on the other hand the revamped form now makes it easier, for if you want to let us know when you've had a good experience on a bus journey as opposed to just collecting details about the bad.

For more information on bus watch please goto : www.anthonymckeown.info/buswatch or get in touch by clicking get in touch from the menu above.

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