Beware Bin Day Changes !

From this Monday (19th July) refuse and recycling collections are being reorganised by the council.

This means that the day our ‘bins’ are collected will change.

For us on Gamesley this mean instead of our ‘bins’ being collected on a Thursday, they will now be collected on a Tuesday starting with the green bin and recycling from this Tuesday (20th July).

The time your bin is collected may also change, so to ensure you bin / recycling is collected the advice from the council is to put your bin / boxes out the night before collection (so Monday night for us) to ensure they get collected.

The reasoning behind the changes, is to make the collection service more efficient and reduce the carbon emissions that the bin collections make.

The changes are effecting the majority of the High Peak, and if your date is changing you should have had a leaflet through your door one side of which will look like this :

The other side is a calendar with the dates your different types of bins will be collected.

If you’ve not had a leaflet or you have misplaced the leaflet, you can double check or get details on when your ‘bins’ will now be collected by going to the council website : and entering your address in the my property section on the top right hand side.

You can also phone on 0845 129 4870 or 01298 28423 or check with your local councillor, as we’ve all had details on the changes.