Future Jobs Fund

Whilst the news that the future jobs fund which was targeted at getting unemployed young people in work is to be abandoned was an unwelcome sign of the cuts to come by this new “ConDem” government, it will no doubt have being welcomed in some places, the closest of these no doubt being the Conservative administration running High Peak Borough Council.

Now you may think I’m being harsh but the reason I say that is because as I posted earlier this year, High Peak in a combined bid with our ‘strategic alliance’ partners could only come up with 2 jobs via the future jobs fund, as opposed to other nearby council’s who managed a lot more.

In fact the only time they expressed more interest in the fund was when a press release could be issued claiming-taking the credit for 50 jobs across Derbyshire which were created with the fund.

I wonder if now (although I’d be surprised if there was) there will be an updated press release from the executive member concerned apologising for the future jobs scheme coming to end ?