Are we getting older ?

Most councillors receive the weekly magazine produced by the Local Government Association called ‘First’, it quite often makes an interesting read, with details on current issue’s in local government, along with details of what other’s are doing elsewhere on a wide range of issues.

Anyway in this week’s edition, there are details of the latest census of local government, which was completed following last year’s council elections. It contains various statistics on who councillors are, there age background etc.

One statistic that this year’s survey showed was a continuing trend in the age of Councillors, showing that the average age of a Councillor was 58. This is a rise of 1 year from the last survey in 2001, a figure that myself and Cllr Vicky Mann (Hadfield North Ward) the two youngest members of the High Peak Labour Group, still beat when you add our ages together. Although now only by 2 years as opposed to the 3 it was at the time of the last elections when we highlighted this in a post election press release

The survey also showed a positive trend in the number of women councillors which had increased slightly from the last survey, along with details on committee membership and length of time that councillors spend doing council / political business. For more details on the survey go to the Employers’ Organisation for local government’s website

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