Gamesley Post Office

Post Office LogoIn the last week there have a been a whole host of rumours which have been partly confirmed by some of the folk involved with regards to the future of Gamesley Post Office.

The main issue is that the post office will be leaving its current location on Winster Mews and relocating to Gamesley Convenience Store (formerly Morgan’s) on Glossop Road.

As it’s stands at current - whilst the relocation has been confirmed by some of the folk involved no official notification has been received confirming any change to the current arrangements.

In terms of any consultation I’m advised that Post Office don’t have to do any, as they are not planning on closing or removing the service, just moving it as the ‘crow flies’ a short distant - however that short distance will prove inconvenient and possibly impossible for some local residents.

The Council are happy for the Post Office to continue running from its current location on Winster Mews and have not sought any changes.

As soon as I get any confirmation as to what is happening I’ll advise the details - but I’d be interested in hearing any views from locals on what impact or effect any changes may have.

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