Planning Application HPK/2018/0191

Planning Application HPK/2018/0191

Planning Application HPK/2018/0191 has been submitted to the council as the reserve matters application for outline planning application HPK/2014/0665.

What this means is that the developers 'Pendragon Estates' have on behalf of the current landowners submitted the detailed planning information/application to complete the planning process that was started with the outline planning application that was originally submitted and approved in 2012 and then renewed/resubmitted in 2014.

The outline planning application HPK/2014/0665 sought permission for, and was approved to demolish the former Samas Roneo warehouse, and then subject to the submission of the detailed application replace it on the land formerly occupied by the warehouse and the adjoining field with 93 dwellings, with road access onto the new estate more or less in line the entrance to Samas Roneo.

The new application (and it's partner HPK/2018/0178) provides the detailed information or reserve matters to complete the original application and get the approval to actually build on the site. This information includes the design, style and details of the houses, the layout for the site, landscaping for the site, and the reason for the partner application is that it proposes to move the entrance to the site from its current location to more in line with the gap between 63 and 61 Glossop Road.

The application is still for 93 dwellings on the site, of which 28 will be affordable dwellings scattered throughout the site, with the plan been for a mix of one and two-bed apartments, and two, three and four-bed houses.

At current the public consultation period ends on 7/6/2018, and because it is a major application it will go before the development control committee to be decided.

You can view the details for the application by clicking here.

At current, the Framework Travel Plan and Transport Assessment links don't work from the council website (but should be ok by Tuesday), but in the meantime, you can access them by clicking below :

Framework Travel Plan

Transport Assessment

If you want to comment, object (or support) the application you can do that by clicking here.

My page about commenting on planning applications is available by clicking here.

If you have any questions about the application or the process, please get in touch by clicking here.

If you are objecting to the application it can be worthwhile getting in touch with your local councillor, which if you live on Glossop Road past the Bluebell your High Peak Borough Councillor is George Wharmby, and for Cottage Lane, Orchard Drive, Copper Beach etc its Bob Mckeown or Edward Siddall.

For details on contacting them please click here.

Please note members of the development control committee can't comment on whether they support or object to a planning application in advance of attending the development control committee.

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