Fire Safety Concerns

Following on from the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London, both via the Proud to be on Gamesley group on Facebook and other methods, a number of local residents got in touch with concerns around the CESP insulation works that were completed on Gamesley and Fairfield a few years back.

The tragic events in London will be under investigation for some time,  in the meantime I asked the council's head of assets to check for reassurance around the work that was completed on Gamesley and in other places across the borough, and was advised the following :

Statement from the council :

"Following the fire at the Grenfell Tower in London, High Peak Borough Council has reassured its tenants that insulated render systems used on the exterior of their properties meet the recognised standards required by the British Board of Agreement and Building Regulations. External render was applied directly to the insulation material leaving no cavity which might facilitate the spread of fire and the work was carried out by approved installers in accordance with all relevant guidelines. The systems are classified Class 0 risk of spread of fire which is considered low risk."

Additionally the council also work closely with the Derbyshire Fire & Rescue service to keep fire risks under review, and where required we have access to portable misting system to reduce risk for vulnerable tenants.

The council works with a range of agencies to try and keep us safe, however please also do what you can to keep yourself safe, test your smoke alarm, check your escape route is clear and if you need any additional fire safety information please visit the keeping safe section of the Derbyshire Fire & Rescue service website at

If you have any additional question comments or concerns, please get in touch either send me a message via Facebook or any of the methods on