Taxi Fare Rise

Taxi Fare RiseDespite concerns raised since the end of March around proposals to raise taxi fares in the High Peak, at last weeks full council meeting the ruling Conservative group gave the go ahead to proposals to increase fares.

With effect from 1st June, if you get a taxi from the rank or use one 'on the meter', you will now pay more with the fares changing from the current £2.80 to £3.00 for the first 8/10th of a mile during the day and from £3.74 to £4.00 at nights, along with increasing the price for the next 1/10th of a mile thereafter by 4p, to 30p during the day and 40p at nights.

Little evidence was put forward to support the increase in fares with several Labour councillors asking for that information prior to the vote taking place, with the increase in fares now meaning that the High Peak will be with now be the 32nd most expensive council in the country for traveling by taxi.