Fair Say on Taxi Fares

Fair Say on Taxi FaresGamesley Councillor Anthony Mckeown, along with Hadfield South Councillor Bob Mckeown are calling on local residents to get in touch and let them know them know their views on the proposed taxi fare increase that is currently out for consultation.

In proposals been put forward by the council for consultation until the 6th April, it is proposed to raise taxi fares from the current £2.80 to £3.00 for the first 8/10th of a mile during the day and from £3.74 to £4.00 at nights, along with increasing the price for the next 1/10th of a mile thereafter by 4p, to 30p during the day and 40p at nights.

The proposals will not necessarily effect any fixed price deals that are already in place when you ring and book a taxi, but would affect you, if you pick up a taxi from a taxi rank or are travelling to a place without a fixed price deal.

Speaking about the proposals Cllr Bob Mckeown said “Many of our local taxi firms, have fixed price fare in place for some journeys, but for those journeys that aren’t or if you pick a taxi up from the rank, the High Peak is already the second most expensive place locally to travel by taxi, with only Sheffield been more expensive.”

Cllr Anthony Mckeown said “The council’s consultation is mainly focused on the taxi trade and we want to ensure that the public’s views are included in what decision the council makes”.

Local residents can let the councillors know their views by emailing taxifares@labourhighpeak.info.