New Year 2017 Fare Rises

New Year 2017 Fare RisesNew Year 2017 Fare Rises : Alas one of the few certainties of every New Year, guaranteed to dull your Christmas buzz is the New Year price rises that comes to travel costs.

In terms of rail, the picture been highlighted nationally shows that the cost of tickets has risen 27% in recent years under the Tories, a far greater hike that the average increase in people’s wages.

New Year 2017 Fare RisesLocally despite conflicting campaigns in place to encourage off peak rail travel, with today’s increase fares between Glossop and Manchester have risen a whopping 22% since October or £1 out of your pocket each time you go to Manchester and that’s in addition to the restriction now in place on when you can travel back in the early evening.

Labour’s policy is to bring the railways into public ownership so they can be run for passengers not profit. That means fairer fares, investment in a 21st century railway and listening to passengers.

Bus Fares

Whilst individual bus fares are not expected to rise again in the near future following, the increases toward the end of last year, unfortunately there are a range of increases this year to the system one range of tickets as detailed below :

Price Changes from 2nd January 2017

Due to rail price increases some our Travelcards will increase from the 2nd January 2017.

In addition our paper and smart 7 and 28 day Travelcards will increase following introductory prices ending after the 2015 launch.

Details of the price increase are shown below:

Adult paper price increases from 2 January 2017 as follows:

  •  Adult 7 Day Any Bus Travelcard £17.50 - £18.50
  •  Adult 28 Day Any Bus Travelcard £63.00 - £65.00

Adult get me there price increases from 2 January 2017 as follows:

  •  Adult GMT 7 Day Any Bus £16.00 - £17.00
  •  Adult GMT 28 Day Any Bus £58.00 - £60.00

Rail price increases from 2 January 2017 affect the following Travelcards:

  • Daysaver Bus and Train £6.70 - £6.90

  • Daysaver Train and Tram £8.00 - £8.20

  • Daysaver Bus, Train and Tram £8.70 - £8.90

  • County Card Weekly £35.60 - £36.30

  • County Card Monthly £111.00 - £113.00

  • County Card Annual £1,111.00 - £1,132.00


All other System One prices, remain the same as at current – click here for more details.

New Year 2017 Fare RisesAlthough not new now, don’t forget if you are a current System One user, “get me there“, the smart card for Greater Manchester Travel (or Manchester’s Oyster Card for short), still offers bus users some good discounts :

Travelcard (valid at anytime) Adult price (System One) Adult price (get me there)
1-day £5.60 £5.00
7-day £18.50 £17.00
28-day £65.00 £60.00

For more information and to apply for your own ‘get me there’ card click here, and both System One tickets, and get me there tickets are valid for use on the Glossop Local Link service.

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