Manor House / Healthwatch Derbyshire – Doctors’ Appointments

Manor House / HealthWatch Derbyshire – Doctors’ AppointmentsManor House / Healthwatch Derbyshire – Doctors’ Appointments :

If you, like me you are a former patient or Dr Parikh or just one of the many other Glossopians at Manor House Surgery in either Glossop or Hadfield, changes are coming to the way you will book an appointment in the future.

In a post on the surgeries facebook page (click here for the page) copied below, Manor House advise “that following on from a recent survey where patients highlighted that they want their telephone calls to be answered promptly and that they would like to see a doctor of their choice as soon as possible”, they are changing the process when you call for an appointment, in that the receptionist will ask you some questions about your request, and then signpost patients to the most appropriate persons to see them, which in some cases maybe nursing staff or healthcare assistants.

For more information, contact Manor House on 01457 860860 or via their website at :

In possible a well-timed or maybe a completely randomly timed event, Healthwatch Derbyshire are conducting a survey to determine whether patients are aware of the GP services available to them online, and to investigate the accessibility of services including booking appointments on GP websites.

As part of changes to the General Medical Services contract in England for 2015/16, GP practices are required to expand and improve the provision of online services for patients. They are also required to promote the online services they provide, which should include:

  • Appointment bookings
  • Ordering repeat prescriptions
  • Amending personal details
  • Access to summary information held in patient’s records

A national GP patient survey carried out in England in 2014 found that 34% of patients said their preferred method of booking a GP appointment would be online. However, just a year on, the same survey found that only 6% of patients had booked a GP appointment online.

This questionnaire aims to gain an understanding as to what extent Derbyshire residents are aware of the online GP services that are available and to find out if people are actually using them. The results will be analysed to identify possible causes of low-level engagement with online GP services, as well as to identify any potential barriers to accessing them.

Healthwatch Derbyshire will then share the findings of the questionnaire, along with any recommendations, with the providers and commissioners of Derbyshire GP services.

To take part in the survey goto :

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