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  1. John Ellis
    09/03/2016 @ 11:05 pm

    Thank you for your efforts in respect of the 394, and for your e-mail this evening indicating that the campaign to retain the service has been successful, albeit in attenuated form! Shows that a combination of public pressure and lobbying by councillors can help to shape the outcome, even when local authority finances are as squeezed as they currently are.

    Seems local politicians of every party have played some part in this success: the Marple Lib Dem councillors and William Wragg, the new Tory MP, at the Marple/Hazel Grove end, and yourself for Labour at the Gamesley/Glossop end of the route.

    Though William’s Wragg’s lobbying on the subject raises the eyebrows a bit – if it wasn’t for his government’s relentless squeeze on local authority spending, loss-making but socially desirable rural bus services wouldn’t face the degree of threat that they do. If Derbyshire County Council does follow through with the proposal, presently out to consultation, to abandon all financial support for loss-making bus routes next year, we may well find the 394 under threat yet again.


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