#Ourday #Housingday 2015

Our-Day-web-stamp#Ourday #Housingday 2015 ; On Wednesday 18th November, council’s from across the country, that have responsibility for the hundreds of vital local services, will be aiming to bring them to in 140 characters when councillors and staff take part in a tweetathon.

#OurDay has been organised by the Local Government Association, which represents more than 370 councils in England and Wales, and the Knowledge Hub. The LGA is encouraging as many councillors and local authority staff as possible to take a couple of minutes out of their day to tell the world what they’re up to as part of the 24-hour live tweetathon, from 00.01 on Wednesday, by using the hashtag #OurDay.

High Peak Borough Council has taken part in #OurDay both last year and today, and the aim is a give a chance for residents to understand the vital work councils do in their communities and to look beyond the obvious like collecting bins and fixing potholes, and see the wider range of services and issues that council’s work on, with many of the issues been things that local may not even be aware of.

In addition to #OurDay, it’s also been #HousingDay which is a similar tweetathon, but aimed at celebrating the positive impact of social housing on thousands of people across the UK, and if you use twitter, and search for the hash tags #OurDay or #HousingDay, you will see a range of stories from across the country, or if you’re only interested in local, you can see below details from the High Peak along with a few tweets from the CIH highlighting issues on #housingday (you can also view the below on Storify by clicking here).