Glossop Arts Project – New Gamesley Project

GlossopProjectPosterThe Glossop Arts Project, is starting a new project this coming Wednesday (30th September) in Gamesley's Cafe Jericho.

The project will run over the course of 3 fun workshops and is aimed at those who are under 25 or over 50, and is intended to bring together the different generations to produce a booklet about the similarities and differences in the experiences of the folks who attend.

The project is part of the Derbyshire Intergenerational Strategy, and is run in co-ordination with Derbyshire County Council and it will focus on issues such as community, employment and technology.

Smoke to Grass CoverFor those of you who are a little longer in the tooth, you may remember a similar sounding project which produced the 'smoke to grass' book, (which still seems to sell quite well on amazon and other places for more than what you could get it for locally at the time) and it would be great in a way, if this project a little over 10 years later helps to record the changes, experiences and history of locals now in a similar way to how 'smoke to grass' collected the histories, experiences and changes of folk coming to Gamesley and there first 40 years here.

If you want to find out more about the project or you want to join in, call in at Cafe Jericho on Wednesday between 1.30pm until 3.00pm or contact Sonja on 07855 320179 or email or on Facebook at GlossopArtsProject

Further sessions for the project will take place on: 7th, 14th & 21st October

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