Thank you

Whilst the photo on the left come from my slightly happier (at least politically) first election in 1999, I was pleased and honoured to once again receive the support of the residents of the Gamesley Ward  to be elected for a fifth time as the ward councillor for Gamesley.

A big thank you to everyone who voted for me and other local Labour candidates and an even bigger thank you for the local supporters and members of the Labour Party in Glossopdale, High Peak and beyond who have gone above and beyond in contacting local residents across Glossopdale and the High Peak.

Alas with today’s results whilst I’m pleased to be re-elected today – we’ve lost some great local councillors Garry from Old Glossop, Tim from Chapel, Lynn & Keith from Buxton along with some great potential new councillors including Moira, Stella, Graham, David, Sue, Martin, Zara, Jessica, Mave, we will work hard to hold the new administration to account and fightback where we can on those issues that are important to local residents.

Election Result


Name of Candidate Description (if any) Votes

ALLEN, Peter Duncan Green Party 93

EVANS, Brian The Conservative Party Candidate 153

MCKEOWN, Anthony Edward Labour Party 716 ELECTED