You’re views wanted on new Tenancy Agreement

300px-Gamesley_Early_Excellence_Centre_5606Changes are been considered to the Tenancy Agreement for Council tenants in the High Peak.

The changes in the agreement are been looked at to reflect some changes to the law and to include some additional clauses that will help deal with a variety of tenancy management issues.

If you’re a regular user of the housing office on Gamesley (or any of the others), you may well have already completed one of the earlier survey’s on issues under review, but before we start the process of implementing the various changes we want to ensure that the consultation and market testing that’s already been done is reflective of the views of tenants generally.

A random selection of tenants will have received a detailed questionnaire to get their feedback on the changes but all tenants can get involved either via the Council’s website, by calling in to one of the offices or by coming along to one of three drop-in sessions that have been organised.

The drop-in sessions are taking place as follows (with the first been this afternoon):

• Gamesley Neighbourhood Office from 4pm to 7pm on Monday 10 February

• Fairfield Neighbourhood Office from 1pm to 4pm on Tuesday 11 February

• New Mills Town Hall from 10am to 1pm on Wednesday 12 February

And you can access the online survey by clicking here

This part of the consultation started on Monday 3 February and is open until Friday 14 February.