Credit Union Launch on Gamesley

Tomorrow afternoon from 12.00noon until 3pm, with a more formal launch bit at 1.00pm is the launch of the Manchester Credit Union on Gamesley.

The. launch which is taking place on the car park in front of the shops at Winster Mews, will open up membership of the Manchester Credit Union to folk living or working not just on Gamesley but in the whole of the High Peak.

If you've not heard of a credit union before, tomorrow is a chance not only to find out more, but also to join one - essentially they offer savings, great value loans and insurance products, plus they are local and ethical and exist solely to benefit their members.

The way they work is that members make regular savings, as little or as much as they wish. These savings then form a common pool of money from which loans are made to members. When members have been saving for a certain period of time they can then apply for a loan from the pool. Interest on the loan is usually charged at only 2% per month on the monthly reducing balance. 26.8% Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The interest charged on loans is the credit union's income.

Some of the Particular Benefits of the Manchester Credit Union include:
* Easy way to save
* Access to low cost loans with flexible repayment terms
* Valuable Life Savings and Loan Protection insurance at no cost to you.
* Dedicated Christmas Club
* Credit Union Current Account (CUCA)

So if that's got you're interest and you'd like to find out more or join, come along to tomorrow afternoon's event - alternatively there will be information leaflets and membership form's available from the HPCH and GRA Office's on Winster Mews, and within the next few week's the credit union will also be running from 3 local venues on Monday mornings, Tuesday all day and Thursday lunchtimes.

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