CESP – Private Resident Cost’s – Latest News

In the next day or two, (or possible even today in some cases) private residents (on the electric side) will be geting a letter detailing the revised / expected final price for the work.

The letter will be from ‘climate energy’ the ‘agents’ for the project and sets out that all the negotiations on the prices have now been completed.

First the good news, the price to install the external wall insulation has been reduced to £525 inclusive of vat. 

However there is an element of bad news, which is that as part of this negotiation the funders have asked for an increased deposit of 50%, meaning that the deposit is now £262.50 inclusive of vat for the external wall insulation works, instead of the originally advised £100.

The letter will also have a full quotation detailing any of the other works (ie facia boards etc) that you may be having, along with a frequently asked questions sheet advising some of the details of the works.

I’m awaiting feedback on what the arrangements are for people who have already paid the £100 deposit (ie whether they need to pay an extra £162.50 to get to the 50%).

If you’ve not recivied your letter in the next few days or you need any additional information let me know or contact Climate Energy via the Casey office on the shops.