NatWest Community Force

From an email received today :
At NatWest we know there are lots of fantastic groups of local people making a difference in their community. I am sure you can think of some in your ward. This is why I want to appeal to you, to help spread the word about CommunityForce to these local groups.

In each of our local markets we will be offering three community projects the chance to win awards of £6,000 each. And it will not be us that decide the winners, but local people, your residents, who know the projects and what will benefit your area most. 
NatWestCommunityForce is more than just financial support; it is about connecting people to projects. Groups can also ask for help in the shape of volunteering time and expertise from local people on our website.
If you know a local charity, organisation or group which you think would benefit, please ask them to register at: by 4th September. 
Our goal is to make sure that the Government support we have received is paid back in every sense. Part of that is about supporting the communities in which we work and CommunityForce is one way in which we hope to do that.

If you would like to know more about NatWestCommunity Force, please have a look at the website.

If you know of any groups that could apply or would be interested in finding out more details please let them know - and if you're part of a local group that's already applied to the NatWest Community Force  and you're  application has been accepted, please let me know and I'll advertise local bids when voting starts on the projects towards the end of September.

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