Save our Chimney !

Just for the avoidance of doubt for anyone, that has heard me say it, I am in no way responsible for the save the Ferro Alloy’s Chimney letter in this week’s Glossop Chronicle.
Although I have on occassions joked that at some point we would see a save the chimney group being formed, I did’nt think that anybody would be serious about it, because whilst in it’s way it dose provide a connection to some of Glossop manufacturing past, the connection is at most 40 years old and is it really the best way to remember that link ?

It will be interesting to see what the response will be and if there was some group that came together what the council’s response would be, because in all likelyhood if any suggestions to get the chimney listed or protected in any way were successful the cost of future maintance of the chimney would most likely fall to the council.