Heritage at Risk – Wren Nest and the High Peak

Last Wednesday (7/7/10) saw the release by English Heritage of this year’s heritage at risk report.

The report which is produced by English Heritage covers a variety of aspect including listed buildings, ancient monuments, battlefields, ship wrecks and even certain parks and gardens.

Across the East Midlands there has being a reduction of the number of buildings on the register since 2006, and it will be interesting to see, once the full impact of the decisions being taken by the new Condem coalition government will slow that reduction in buildings being taken off the at risk register.

Locally within the High Peak, there are now four buildings on the register, as opposed to the three that made the list last year.

The three buildings that made last years list are the Crescent in Buxton, Stodhart Tunnel in Chapel en le Frith and Torr Vale Mills in New Mills. Overall there has being little change in the situation during the last year for the Crescent and Torr Vale Mils, but Stodhart Tunnel is now upgraded from a priority C to a B, due to continued damage to the tunnel from water and trees on the site.

Canal transhipment warehouse, Whaley BridgeImage via Wikipedia

The new entry for the High Peak is the trans shipment warehouse in Whaley Bridge, that when first built in 1832 was used to trans ship goods from the Peak Forest Canal to the Cromford and High Peak Railway, it’s listed a priority C building with the roof badly needing repairs.

The final entry of note for the area is an interesting one around the state of the Wren Nest Conservation Area, which the report lists as at risk and ‘deteriorating‘.

I comment that this is interesting because in the recent workshop that I attended looking at the vision for Glossop, the majority of the groups in the first session didn’t necessarily view the Wren Nest area as being part of Victorian Glossop (in a sense) with it featuring Tesco’s and the various newish stores and it would be interesting to see if the proposals that come back from the two workshops session on the future vision for Glossop, take account of this concern from English Heritage on the need to ‘save’ the Wren Nest Conservation area.

Further details and a copy of the at risk report are available from the English Heritage website at : http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/

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