Bowel Cancer Awareness

Most councillor’s receive every week for most week’s of the year a magazine called ‘First’ from the Local Government Association that aims to keep us up to date on issues around local government.

It also as with most publications contains a letters page, and in this weeks release, there was a letter from Lynn Faulds Wood, (a former presenter of Watchdog) the founder of a charity called ‘Lynn’s Bowel Cancer Campaign’.

The letter was aiming to raise awareness of Bowel Cancer via a campaign that the charity ran earlier this month using MP’s to promote faster diagnosis of bowel cancer to save the lives of many of their constituents.

The letter encourages councillor’s to encourage people in our wards to use the NHS bowel cancer screening kits, which the letter advises are currently being sent out to people aged 60 and above, and in poorer areas of which there are a few in the High Peak, uptake is low – and especially low among men.

If you’re within the target age group and have being offered the test, please have the test because whilst Bowel Cancer is the second commonest cancer which kills people in the UK, causing more deaths every year than breast and cervical cancer put together, it is one of the most curable cancers you can get if it is caught early enough.

If you would like more information on the campaign please goto : or email info@