A slight change of topic for the norm, with my thoughts on the end of Lost !

Spoiler space for anyone who may be interested in lost but hasn’t seen the last episode yet. (click read more to continue)

Image from Lost-Media.com

Well after six years and 120 episodes Lost ended in a two and a bit hour special that whilst it answered or at least resolved some of the many questions it raised, it possibly for some left many issues unresolved.

For me I’ve being hooked to the series since the first trailer advertising it on channel 4, offered a tantalising glimpse of a series that you thought was about a plane crash and the survivors of said crash, but with the mysteries it added definitely captivated audiences during the first series.

It went odd during the 2nd and 3rd series and probably odder still in 4 and 5, and lost some of those that first started watching it, but if you stuck you got a well put together if some times confusing plot, that was well acted and as it started to draw to an end in series 6, you got some answers and to carry on the theme from the rest of the series a few more mysteries as well.

So noting the above, Monday meant a slightly earlier start than normal to be up at 5.00am to catch the final beamed live from the states allowing us Brits to get whatever was in store for the final at the same time.

The episode whilst possible annoying to some instead of seeking to tie up all the many points it raised about the others, the Dharma initiative and polar bears, it instead did what I think Lost has being best at in concentrating on the core cast and telling you there story and what has happened to them as the journey reached its end.

The final episode also included some brilliant one liners from Miles “I don’t believe in a lot of things but I do believe in duct tape.” to Desmond’s “I’ll see you in another life brother”, all perfectly placed and well delivered.

In the end in a similar way to Ashes to Ashes, the follow up to Life on Mars, everyone was either dead or soon would be, but as opposed to our British explanation of purgatory, this was done on a much grander scale and whilst the ending will have left some unsatisfied I for one was pleased, but I will miss the adventures of Locke, Hurley and co on our screens, and the occasional confusion that the latest episode would bring.

Now for those of you who don’t want to go through the six series of Lost, some helpful folks have put together the following video clip – lost in one minute performed by Cats !!