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  1. Mark Still News
    23/09/2008 @ 11:03 am

    Why is house price astronomical inflation always seen as a sign of a good economy and prosperity?Is it not a sign of a bad pyramid scheme, as those at the top have houses worth a lot of money virtually or paid and those recently entering have far too much debt and will never pay it off? When it comes to pay rises, Alistair Darling wants to curb them at 3.3% to tackle inflation-Yet all those years the government let house price inflation rocket up to Mars, without putting any controls on it. Pay rises are absolutely peanuts compared to that of housing inflation, which includes Buying and renting.Now the housing market is prices are falling with the exception of rented housing, would it not be a good ides to introduce controls to ensure from now on the prices must be frozen and not exceed any inflation figure by 2% minus of the RPI. The buy to let scheme and multi home ownership should be abolished as there is a housing shortage crisis. In times of water shortage is not water rationed, doe they not ban the watering of lawns and cleaning cars-Then why is not this principle applied to Housing?The £60 billion that was raised by the sale of Council homes, should we not have this back from Central government to use for building social housing?The whole way we do things in this country needs to change!


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