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  1. Daniel Hooper
    03/04/2007 @ 8:49 pm

    What’s a ‘valid reason’ for remaining anonymous? You are restricting a right to free speech here, and please don’t go on about this being your blog you can do what you like etc. You’re on here as a councillor – you are supposedly concerned with people’s views. Do you want a debate about issues that affect our lives, or do you simply wish to tell us what you’re doing?


  2. Anthony
    03/04/2007 @ 11:17 pm

    In terms of a valid reason for remaining anonymous, the following on bread and circuses sets outs what I would view as ok probably better than I can :

    With regards to ‘free speech’, (aside from the bits on it been my blog that you say I should ignore) if a comment is worth making, whoever makes the comment should be ok to put their name to it, and wanting a name in my view doesn’t restrict free speech.


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