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As most folk will now be aware, the rumour’s that started last night with regards to our local bus company were confirmed this morning, with the news that Speedwell, would be ceasing to operate any services from 6.00pm today.


Whilst this is obviously bad news for any who have lost there jobs (especially Pete and Chris), my main concern during today has been around getting replacement services in place.

Thankfully due to the hard work by Anthony and team at the county council’s public transport unit – alternative arrangements are now in place for tomorrow onward – with the only time with no buses, being this evening.

I will outline the arrangements below, however please note obviously that any existing speedwell weekly tickets will not be valid, and at current I don’t have details on what the new fares will be.

The new arrangements :

394 – Glossop to Stepping Hill via Gamesley, Charlesworth and Marple

No changes to the time table, the only change is the company running the service which will be Bowers / Centrebus (who currently run in Glossop the 61 to Buxton and the 393 to Padfield and Old Glossop)

202 – Glossop to Hyde – via Gamesley, Charlesworth and Broadbottom

Morning journeys between Glossop and Gamesley, and the first journey to Hyde, along with evening and Sunday journey’s will now be run by Stagecoach.

There are some changes to the timetable – Two extras from Glossop to Gamesley at 7.40 and 8.04 Monday to Friday, however the 6.35pm Glossop to Gamesley journey will no longer run – you can get a copy of the new time table below.

341 – Glossop to Hyde – via Gamesley, Charlesworth, Broadbottom and Hattersley

This covers Monday to Saturday day time journeys between Glossop and Hyde, except for the 7.29 ex Glossop 202 to Hyde, and will be run by Stotts of Oldham, the bulk of the changes are a few minutes different from the current timetable except for the 5.46 Glossop to Mottram, which will no longer run.

To get a copy of the new timetable click below :

42.8 KiB

Copies will also be available at some point tomorrow morning from the GRA, Winster Mews housing office, Glossop Municipal Building and Curley Cornet Cafe on Henry Street.

Things to note – Bus Fare will probably be different from what they are now, but I don’t have full details at current – there are some options available for day / weekly tickets that will cover all the different companies and I will cover these shortly.

There arrangements have been put in place on an emergency basis, so may well be subject to change in the next few months, as efforts are made to put normal contracts in place, however if you experience any problems with the buses, don’t suffer in silence let us know via Bus Watch – you can download a form by clicking below :

28.2 KiB
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